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Molybdenum Carbide Powder

Commodity Molybdenum Carbide Powder
Mo2C 99.5% min. 
Total Carbon   5.8% min. 
Free Carbon  0.20% max.
Si  0.01% max.
Fe  0.20% max.
0.10% max.
Ti  0.01% max.
Mn  0.05% max.
0.30% max.
Ta 0.20% max.
Particle Size Fsss ≤2.0µm, 2.0-4.0µm; -80mesh (-180µm), -100mesh (150µm), or as request 
Uses material of cemented carbide, weld material of PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) welding etc.
Packing in iron drums with inner plastic bags of 30/40/50Kg net each, as requested
Remarks MoC in crystal and powder could be supplierd. Please kindly inform us so as to meet the demands if you would have the special specifications