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Titanium Dioxide Rutile (Type THR-6666)

Description Classification ISO591-1:2000:R2
ASTMD-478:84:II (IV)
Color NO. 77891, white pigment 6
CAS NO. 13463-67-7
BINECS NO. 236-675-5
Density 4.1 g/cm3
Appearance White powder
Packing   in kraft bags of 25Kgs net eachor in jumbo bags of 500/1000Kgs net each
Performance Excellent fluidity, easily disperse in polymers, Low viscosity in high concentrated master batch, Excellent resistance to lacing during polyolefin, extrusion and casting, Excellent resistance to chalking in PVC frame, Good thermal stability, low volatile
Process Sulphate Process
Application Polyolefin, PVC, Master-batch
Technical Data Sheet Item Unit Typical data
TiO2 % ≥96
Inorganic treatment % ZrO2+Al2O3
Color CIEL* % ≥92.25
ΔE - ≤0.3
Tint Strength Reynolds ≥1950
Oil Absorption g/100g ≤16
Average particle Size(µm) µm 0.42
Moisture(105) % ≤0.3
Durability - Good