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Titanium Dioxide Rutile (Type THR-216)

Description Classification ISO591-1:2000:R2
ASTMD-478:84:II (IV)
Color NO. 77891, white pigment 6
CAS NO. 13463-67-7
BINECS NO. 236-675-5
Density 4.1 g/cm3
Appearance White powder
Packing   in kraft bags of 25Kgs net eachor in jumbo bags of 500/1000Kgs net each
Performance High gloss, easily disperse and high tinting strength/hiding power
Process Sulphate Process
Application architecture coating (emulsion)
powder coatings, paper
Technical Data Sheet Item Unit Typical data
TiO2 % ≥92
Inorganic treatment - SiO2+Al2O3
Color CIEL* % ≥95.0
b - ≤2.9
Tint Strength Reynolds ≥1950
Oil Absorption g/100g ≤20
Average particle Size(µm) µm 0.42
Moisture(105) % ≤0.5
Durability - Good