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Sodium Bifluoride

Commodity Sodium Bifluoride
Molecular formula NaHF2
Molecular weight 61.99
Specification Purity Cl SiO2 HF  SO4 Moisture  Insoluble matter in water
98 % min.  0.1 % max.  0.5 % max.  0.2 % max. 0.1 % max.  0.5% max.  0.5 % max. 
Packing in plastic woven bags with inner plastic bags of 25kg net each. 
Uses used as aseptic of food, animal specimen and dissection specimen, as glass etchant, in glass frosting, for texture finishing of textile, in wiping off rust, in insect proof treatment of leather, as the material for tinplate, and to produce anhydrous HF. Its mixture with potassium hydrogen fluoride can be used as flux of metal.
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