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Manganese Chloride in granule (anhydrous, technical grade)

Commodity    Manganese Chloride in Granular (anhydrous, industrial)
CAS No. 7773-01-5
EC-No. 231-869-6
Molecular formula MnCl2
Molecular weight 125.84
Appearance  Granular 
Physical State Solid
Solubility Soluble in alcohol, water (72.3 g/100ml) at 25 °C, water (123.8 g/100ml) at 100 °C, and pyridine. Insoluble in ether, and ammonia.
Storage Store at room temperature
Shelf life 1 year
Melting Point 650° C
Boiling Point 1190° C
Density  2.98 g/cm3 at 25° C
MnCl2 98.5% min.
Mn 43% min.
SO4 0.01% max.
Fe 0.01% max.
Ni 0.02% max.
Pb 0.01% max.
H2O 0.8% max.
Size 2 to 6 mm.
Packing  in compound kraft paper bags with inner four in one film bags of 25Kgs net each, on pallete or as 
 your request.