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Lithium Chloride (anhydrous)

Commodity    Lithium Chloride (anhydrous)
Molecular Formula LiCI
Molecular Weight 42.39
LiCl % min. 99
Na+K % max. 0.03
SO4 % max. 0.003
Li2CO3 % max. 0.025
Fe2O3 % max. 0.002
BaCl2 % max. 0.03
H2O % max.  0.6
Insoluble matter in HCI % max.  0.005
Packing in polypropylene bags with inner lined polyethylene bags of 25kgs/50kgs net each, on pallets, or as your request.
Uses raw material for propapation of lithium metal, used as welding flux for alumlmium and demolsture agent for air-comdition and so on.
Remarks if you will have the requirements about specificationa, please don't hesitate to contact us so as to study it and meet your demands.