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Hooked-end Micro Steel Fibre

Type Diameter
Cross Section Material Tensile Strength
(Mpa or N/mm2)
Approx (pcs)
HMFH022013 0.22±10% 13±1 round 72A 2400 min 224860
HMFH030015 0.30±10% 15±1 105880
HMFH035020 0.35±10% 20±1 59990
HMFH040020 0.40±10% 20±1 45760
HMFH040025 0.40±10% 25±1 37380
     Packing in compound kraft paper bags with inner two in one film bags of 20/25Kg net each, on pallets
     Remarks 1. Hooked-end Micro Steel Fibre (Brass Coated Micro Steel Fibre) could be applied in ASTM A820 TYPE I standard and CE Certificate DS/EN 14889-1
2. If you would have any special requirements for the specifications of Hooked-end Micro Steel Fibre, please kindly let us know it so as to  meet thr demands